Our services

Technical project support

Looking for all-round offshore knowledge, we can help you.

Installation & Construction, Inspection & Maintenance

Survey & Positioning and even offshore Engineering


Project Management

We design, plan, coordinate and manage your entire offshore (survey) campaign

Interim Management

We can man/run your offshore (survey) department (on a temporary basis) and provide other project personnel

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What else we provide?


We do what needs to be done, the smart way

Results orientated

We get the job done


Honest and direct communication to provide clarity

Who we are?

There is a lot going on offshore, mainly related to mining. Of course mining of oil and gas but more recently and increasingly, mining of offshore wind and tidal energy. The latter is a relatively new industry and new industries tend to look for new ways to do things better, faster, more economically and more efficiently. This requires a lot of knowledge to, instead of re-inventing the wheel, to re-shape the wheel and make it run better. BSubsea exists to re-shape the offshore industry by combining knowledge of various fields of expertise with sound judgement and common sense.

Our area of expertise includes:

  • Subsea survey and positioning
  • Hydrographic data collection
  • GIS solutions
  • Offshore engineering
  • Subsea construction
  • Marine engineering
  • Subsea Inspections
Project surveyor/ survey support
Project management
Offshore (Technical) consultancy
Strategy and Management